Flora and Fauna
The district is endowed with a rich variety of vegetation. The prevailing climatic conditions are favourable for growing a wide range of herbs, shrubs, and also flowering and non-flowering trees. In addition, a variety of medicinal plants are also grown in the district. Few important varieties of non-fruit bearing trees, fruit bearing trees, etc of worth mentioning are Bamboos, Pepals, Kaubila, Eucalyptus, Amla, Parkai roxburgil (Yongchak), Arundo donax (yendhou), Carica papaya (papaya), Citrus grandia (Pamelo), Mangifera indica (Mango), Prunus domestics (plum), Prumus persica (peach), Pyrus selerotine (pear), Psidium guavaya (guava), Famarin dus indica (Tamarind).

The abundant existence of wild animals in the district is only of past story. Due to the heavy pressure on land and cleaning of forest land in the valley, the existenceof varieties of animals, birds, fauna are on fast decreasing trend. Fox, deer, wild pig, jungle cat, monkeys and leopards were the important animals once habited in the district. Of which, monkeys are said to be the only animal available in the district (in the premises of Hanuman Thakur mandir at Mahabali). A large variety of birds are found in the district. The common birds available in the district are sparrow, swallow, owl, myna, pigeon, nightingale, king fisher, wood pecker, heren, kite, etc.

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