Culture & Heritage

Manipur is a mosaic of ancient traditions and rich cultural patterns. In the field of art and culture, the state is best represented by its classical and folk dance forms. The Raas Leela, the epitome of Manipuri classical dance, is inter-woven through the celestial and eternal love of Radha and Krishna as has been described in the Hindu scriptures. This graceful dance reveals the sublime and transcendental love of Krishna and Radha and the Gopi’s devotion to Lord Krishna. Lai Haraoba, a spring festival celebrated during April-May, is symbolised by a traditional and symbolistic dance performed for peace and prosperity. The varied and colourful tribal folk dances are an expression of nature, creation, and aestheticism of the tribal way of life. The colourful costumes, dance movements, and the unique rituals in the tribal festivals like the Lui-Ngai-Ni are simply majestic and charming.