Postal Ballot 2022

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Postal Ballot 2022
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No. 69/DEO (IW)/PB-ETPBS/SAE/2022 Order for One Postal Ballot Casted without writing anything on form 13C 07/03/2022 View (584 KB)
No.6/RO/SDO/PSI/SAE/PB/2022 Orders for PB Approved list for 19-Patsoi 25/02/2022 View (553 KB)
No.6/RO/SDO/PSI/SAE/PB/2022 Orders for PB Approved list for 18-Konthoujam 25/02/2022 View (459 KB)
No. 2/RO-LPL(IW)CONDUCT/SAE-2022 Orders for PB Approved list of 11-Sagolband AC 23/02/2022 View (8 MB)
No. 1/RO-LPL(IW)/CONDUCT/SAE-2022 Order for Additional Approved List for 9-Thangmeiband AC 25/02/2022 View (839 KB)
No.1/RO-LPL(IW)/CONDUCT/SAE-2022 Orders for PB Approved list for 9-Thangmeiband 23/02/2022 View (4 MB)
No 4/RO/SDO/PSI/12-GEN/ELEC/NOTICE/2022 Notice for 4 round of Visit of Absentee voter of 19-Patsoi and 18-Konthoujam 23/02/2022 View (1 MB)
No.1/RO-LPL(IW)/CONDUCT/SAE-2022 Orders for Approved List of Electors for Issuance of PB Under the Category of Persons/Officials on Election duty in respect of 9-Thangmeiband AC 23/02/2022 View (4 MB)
No.3/SDO/RO/WGI-MI(IW)SAE/PB/2022 Order for Distribution and Collection of Postal Ballots to such Category of voters by Visiting their houses in respect of 22-Wangoi and 23- Mayang Imphal 24/02/2022 View (501 KB)
No.1/RO-LS/CONDUCT/SAE-2022 Order for Approved Polling Personnel Postal Ballot of 16-Sekmai AC 23/02/2022 View (4 MB)