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Appointment of Sector Officers in respect of 13 Assembly Constituencies of Imphal West District in connection with the upcoming General Elections to Lok Sabha, 2024 01/12/2023 View (6 MB)
Affidavit Executive Centres for Imphal West to receive the statements on affidavit or complaint/allegation by all persons acquainted with the subject matter of recent Violence which took place in the state of Manipur on 3rd May, 2023 and aftewards 21/11/2023 View (1 MB)
Notice for publication of list of polling stations duly published on 22nd Nov 2023 in respect of Imphal West District 22/11/2023 View (10 MB)
Regulation of procedure, Order, 2023 26/08/2023 View (10 MB)
Notification for e-Shram Portal, Ration Card under National Food Security Act(NFSA), 2013 17/11/2023 View (613 KB)
INVITATION FOR TENDER For the job of establishment of Manipur IT Centre, Imphal West 06/11/2023 View (1 MB)
Notification regarding the outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) under IMPHAL WEST DISTRICT 26/10/2023 View (764 KB)
Form (Part-I) for details of damaged / lost property-to be filled by displaced people 11/09/2023 View (420 KB)
Notification for submitting the details of the damage / lost property due to current ongoing law and order crisis for Imphal West 11/09/2023 View (294 KB)